2 storey, Wheelchair Accessible

Energy Savings

  • Double wall construction  to make room for 8" of dense pack cellulose for approximately R 36
  • The attic has R 60 Cellulose.
  • Windows are all tri pane Low E Argon.
  • House is heated and cooled by a geothermal furnace. The furnace is hooked up to a ground loop consisting of about 17 wells about 50 feet deep using approximately 2,000 feet of pipe
  • The house is registered as an R2000 home. An R2000 home is expected to have 1.5 air exchanges per hour or lower, which is a very air tight home.  This home was tested for air tightness and tested at .5 Air exchanges per hour.
  • Energy efficient lighting throughout main floor area


  • Cellulose insulation is shredded news paper.  It is a recycled product and has excellent insulating qualities.  Dense pack cellulose fills the entire cavity between the studs and so helps to seal the house.
  • The floor is 18 inch wood web joists with ¾ inch plywood.
  • The concrete floors are poured in place self levelling Mapei concrete.
  • The Maple floors are 1 inch thick and are reclaimed from an old warehouse.
  • Acrylic Stucco
  • Kitchen and bathroom counters are polished concrete.
  • Piles are sunk 33 feet down from ground level.

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